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FiltraLinX Desktop TFF System

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The FiltraLinX desktop TFF system adopts a modular design and is equipped with different specifications of the membrane holder, which can achieve two filtration area requirements of 0.1-0.5 m² or 0.5-2.5 m². In addition, according to the process requirements, the system pump can be flexibly equipped with a rotary lobe pump or a diaphragm pump.

The system is compact and practical in design, with feedback to adjust the flow rate, to achieve the purpose of automatically controlling TMP and DeltaP, and then realize the concentration, liquid exchange, desalination, dealcoholization of biological products such as antibodies, vaccines, blood products, and gene therapy drugs. It is an ideal choice for laboratory research and development, pilot production, clinical drug production and GMP production of certain varieties.

FiltraLinX™ series desktop automatic tangential flow filtration system is flexible and reliable to use. It not only enables the use of hollow fiber membrane columns, but also has a flexible interface design, and is also compatible with disposable liquid storage bags for product sample collection. At the same time, the complete pharmaceutical-grade software platform meets the requirements of GMP production for the integrity of electronic record data.

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