Multimodal chromatography

Multimodal chromatography

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Maxtar MMA HR

A multimodal chromatography medium with an improved agarose matrix.

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MaXtar MMA HR is a multimodal chromatography medium with an improved agarose matrix. Different from traditional ion exchange chromatography media, it is composed of multiple groups with different properties: amino groups, hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic groups. The chromatography medium can remove major impurities such as nucleic acids, host proteins, aggregates, viruses, etc., and is widely used in the fields of polysaccharides, antibodies, viral vectors or vaccines.

Compared to traditional single mode chromatography media, MaXtar MMA HR exhibits superior performance:

(1) High dynamic capacity, combining most impurities in one step, saving time and cost.

(2) The improved MaXtar base frame is more rigid, so it can achieve higher process flow rate and improve process efficiency under lower back pressure.

(3) Fine particle size design, high resolution.

(4) Tolerating a wide range of pH and conductivity, it is helpful to explore the optimal process conditions.



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