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Bio-Link Biological Applied Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Bio-Link) is a group of technology-driven businesses that provide products and process solutions in the life sciences industry. The company focuses on the development and production of the key processing equipment and materials for vaccines, antibodies, cell therapies, gene therapies and other biological products. Bio-Link's portfolio of offerings cover the entire upstream and downstream bioprocess such as cell culture, single-use mixing and storage, chromatography purification, filtration and ultrafiltration, as well as process development services. Bio-Link is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products and solutions and strives to build an efficient, safe and competitive biopharmaceutical supply chain eco-system.

Bio-Link Single-use Bioprocessing Manufacturing Site

Bio-Link's Single-use Bioprocessing Manufacturing Site is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province with a total area over 27,000 sqm and more than 200 staff. With an investment of 200 million CNY, the base has an annual production capacity of two million single-use bioprocessing consumables and ten million injection mold pieces. The Phases I, II and III single-use consumables cleanrooms (total 7,360 sqm), having been certified with ISO9001 and ISO13485. The Phase IV of hardware workshop is equipped with a 2,150-square-meter sheet metal shop and a 1,400-square-meter mold workshop. The Phase V of hydration plant has an annual production capacity of 5 million liters and a validation center also provides customers with extractable and leachable validation services.

Bio-Link Chromatography Resins Manufacturing Site

Located in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, Bio-Link's chromatography resins manufacturing site covers 7,000 square meters and received more than 100 million CNY in investment. With around 100 employees, the base is responsible for the development and production of purification and cell culture products such as chromatography resins and mini vectors. At present, the base has a 500L chromatography resins production line and a well-equipped quality control lab, and has been certified with ISO9001. The site produces dextran-based matrices, agarose-based matrices and hydroxyapatite chromatography resins by working on five chromatography principles (gel filtration chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, affinity chromatography and multimodal chromatography). The site has a planned production capacity of 50,000 liters per year.

Bio-Link R&D Center

The Bio-Link R&D Center is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Covering 3,000 square meters, it consists of R&D offices, an exhibition area, an application center, a scientific instrument research lab, a machinery and equipment area, and other functional areas. The R&D center will allow Bio-Link to further create its upstream and downstream innovative products and solutions. While continuing to promote process innovation and expand the product portfolios, Bio-Link aims to foster an ecosystem where the company's growth is driven by its R&D innovation, manufacturing and service capabilities

Honorary qualification


Quality Management System Certificate

Medical Device Quality Management System Certificate

Nantong Overseas High-Level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

2021 "Zhishui Elite" of Rugao City

2021 Nantong Quality Major Project Development Award

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